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Waste disposal room - Opening hours & days
Read more about the waste disposal.

Important information

Right now you can find the annual report for the year 2022 on the website. 

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Last updated 27 June 2023

Feeding birds

Bird feeding is absolutely not allowed in the area we live in. The birds poop down the facade  or other property or disturb to such an extent that it can not be considered acceptable.
In the case of corrosive bird droppings beveled, the bird feeder may also have caused damage to someone else's property and may be liable for compensation for any repair costs if the facade is damaged.

Do not display food on the balcony that attracts birds. We on the board will continuously keep an eye on the balconies so that bird feeding does not take place.


We get a lot of complaints when it comes to smoking on the balcony. People throw down cigarette butts and soil on other people's balconies and yard.
We have a lot of children playing out in the yard who can pick up
the cigarette butts and put them in your mouth. 
For everyone's comfort, we ask all smokers to stop throwing the fimps!

We can not forbid smoking on the balcony, but we ask all smokers to take into account that their neighbours who may have asthma and / or allergies. We on the board will keep track of cigarette butts and try to locate where the cigarettes come from.

Balcony & Patio

Balcony and patios should not be used for:

1. Permanent storage of items that doesn't normally belong to balcony-/patio furnituring.

2. Shaking of mats

3. On balcony's, flower boxes are not allowed to be hanged outside of the balcony railing.

4. Feeding birds

“Treat people as you self would like to be treated”


Garbage/waste disposal room

Brf Surtsö and Brf Odde has a disposal room together which is open following days and hours:
18.00 - 20.00
Sundays 26 january, 23 february, 29 mars, 26 april, 31 may, 28 june, 26 july, 30 august, 27 september,25 october, 29 november, 27 december

The disposal room is placed in the garage along Skagafjordsgatan 3 (entrence from the garage).
Read more about the waste/garbage disposal room here

Flushing work

We will perform stem flushing work.
This will be performed on 7/10, 8/10 and 9/10.
In order for the work to be done, we need to ask all members to submit 1 key to the apartment so that the company that will do the work can enter the apartment.
We need ALL apartments to hand in keys to us no later than 6/10/2019
You can put the keys in an envelope and mark the envelope with address, first name and last name.
You can leave the envelope in Brf Odde's mailbox which is located at Hanstavägen 90.
Mvh Brf Odde

Annual Condominium Meeting

A warm welcome to Brf Odde annual Condominium Meeting

Monday June 10th 6:30 pm
Hold in Oddegården nursery school (entrence trought the countryard)
Registration srarts 6:00 pm and continues until meeting starts at 6:30 pm
We provide coffee and cakes!
Don´t forget a signed warrant if you are acting as proxy for another member.
As a member your presence is important and warranted.

Best regards
Brf Odde Board

Garage floor cleaning

Between 08:00 -16:00 Cemi Ab will clean all the entire floor in the garage.
During this time no vehicle or objects may be in the garage.
Please move all cars and object so we can get a clean floor in the garage.

Important information regarding the bicycle room!

Important information regarding the bicycle room!
On March 31st, we will switch to a new one, that will be used as a bicycle room. The room we have today is to be converted into an environment room for Odde and Surtsö.
We want you whom have bicycles in the present room to either remove your bikes during the period March 16-31, or during the weekend of March 30-31, unlock your bikes so that we can move these to the new bicycle room.
If any bicycles still are locked after these dates, we will cut the lock and the bike will remain unlocked in the new bicycle room.

Code for stairwells

We will get a new code for stairwells from 2018-12-19
Information about the code will be sent to all members by post.

Laundry room

Now we have successfully installed the new booking system and it will be on the 19/11.

Further information will be sent to all members via mail.
Have a look in your mailboxes.

Laundry room

2 passes per week!

Now all members can book 2 passes per week to the laundry room.
We have noticed that there are often plenty of times for washing and precisely why we should try that all members have the opportunity to wash twice a week,

Extra association meeting


for an extra association meeting for Brf Odde

Date: 2018-09-13
Location: Förskolan Oddegården, Surtsögatan 3, Kista
Time: From kl 18.00 you will write your name on a list. The meeting itself starts kl 18.30

Bicycle room