Fault report

Fault reports of common areas is made to info@brfodde.se, if the application does not go through the board, the notifier may be charged.

Acute faults in common areas can be reported by residents.
Fault report here.


 0774-400 990

  • Leave Name, address, apartment number, matter and contact information (You can find your Lgh-nummer/apartment number in the left corner above your apartment door.
  • Phone hours weekdays at 7:00 to 16:00 (Non-holiday weekdays)
  • Do you need to cancel your fault report?
    Cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours before the booked meeting to felanmalan@cemi.se or 0774-400 990. In cases where for some reason you are not available, and have not canceled your service in good time, you will be charged for costs incurred for the visit.
  • CEMI AB handles error reporting
    You as a member of the housing association are charged for such matters that are self-inflicted, handling errors and not within the association's responsibility (eg guarantee of white goods).
  • Matters that are within warranty should be sent to Ikano Eftermarknad and not CEMI AB as you will be charged for the work.

Jour - Dygnet Runt Fastighetsservice

08-18 70 00

Is contacted in acute failure who can not wait for business hours (at 16:00 to 07:00)


Anticimex: 075-245 10 00
Insurance company: Gjensidige

The association's organisations number: 769613-9166


Contact Comhem.

Do you need more keys for your apartment?

Do you need more keys for your aparment you easily fix that yourself. You can contact BBgruppen. You can find them located in Kista and Västberga.

Often when you order production of more keys, Identification is required to be shown, the latest monthly notice and the key you wish you get a copy of. You pay for the key directly and almost always get the key immediately.

You take responsibility for your apartment

As the owner of your condominium, you are responsible for damages that arise. You must keep the apartment in good condition and pay for maintenance and repairs of, for example, white goods, floors, walls, doors and ceilings that is not covered by the insurance. You can make many changes to the apartment, but no major changes may be made without permission from the board. These include interventions in load-bearing structures, alterations to trunk lines and installation of awnings.
Read more about what this means below:

Teknisk förvaltning och fastighetsskötsel

Föreningen förvaltas av CEMI AB.