Does any of these strollers belong to you?

Before the spring cleaning, we went out with information that we for a long time had strollers that was moved in connection to the cleaning of the stroller storage rooms. And even during the spring cleaning, we picked up these carts to the yard in the hope that the owner would show up. But after the spring cleaning and the stroller storage room cleaning, we still have a couple of strollers that someone seems to have forgotten, or maybe been left behind by someone who has moved. Now we give a last chance to these owners to contact us regarding the stroller they OWN before these are removed for recycling.

The following you can do is, Go through the gallery below and contact the board by telling us the number of the stroller you own, the easiest way to do this is to use boappa.

NOTE - Last day to contact us is 26/5-2021 before recycling