Regulations for residents

These rules should not be seen as pointers but as a basis for a safe and secure living in an association where everyone feels responsible and protects their own housing and our common well-being.

1. General caution

Take care of and take care of the association's property. Costs for maintenance and repairs of what according to the statutes are not included in maintenance and repairs of apartments are paid by everyone jointly. Only the board has the right to order maintenance and repairs.

2. About safety

Make sure the front door locks after entry and exit.
Do not let anyone unknown into the houses.
Do not leave storage unlocked.
When driving vehicles within the property, show consideration and care, think of the children.

3. Shared expenses

Be frugal with water consumption. Also be economical with electricity in the property's common areas. Replace faucet gasket when water is dripping. Costs for the cold water and electricity in the common areas is paid by all in common.

4. Balcony and patio

Balcony and patios should not be used for:
1. Permanent storage of items that doesn't normally belong to balcony-/patio furnituring.
2. Shaking of mats
3. On balcony's, flower boxes are not allowed to be hanged outside of the balcony railing.
4. Feeding birds

5. Barbecue

Barbecue on the balcony or own patio is allowed only with an electric or an gas grill equipped with lid. All forms of charcoal barbecue are prohibited on the association's land from 2016-05-18, this also applies to the courtyard, balconies and patios.

6. Feeding birds

Feeding of birds is not allowed inside the property due to the fact that residues can attract rats and other pests.

7. Bicycles, scooters, strollers, walkers

Bicycles must be stored in the bicycle room.
Strollers and walkers must not be stored in the entrances or the stairways.

8. Toys, bicycles, etc

Parents are responsible for the children's toys, bicycles, etc. being collected after the end of the day and either stored in an apartment storage room or in a designated storage space.

9. Garbage and waste management

The housing cooperative association sorts waste and waste at source. On bins for waste and waste, there is information on what may be thrown in each bin. Garbage and waste in the wrong bin or something that must not be thrown in the bins entails large extra costs for the distribution of tenant-ownership. Picture and text on rubbish bins and waste bins show what may be thrown in each bin.
Other waste, such as electrical and electronic waste and bulky items, than those that may be thrown in the housing cooperative association's bins, is each responsible for being transported to an environmental station.

10. Storage room

Flammable liquids must not be stored in storage. Avoid storing theft-prone items.

11. Satellite dishes

It is not permitted to set up / attach a satellite dish on the balcony railings or on the facade or on window or door frames.

12. Awnings

Awnings may be erected only with the permission of the board. The color shade and how the awning is fixed is decided by the board.

13. Disturbing noises

Show your neighbors consideration. Avoid disturbing noises. This applies outdoors, in the apartment, in entrances and in stairwells. During the time from 22:00 to 7:00 in the morning, it is extra important to be quiet. If you are going to have a party - inform the neighbors in advance.

14. Pets

Pet owners must monitor that pets do not disturb or pollute within the property, nor are they walked in plantations, on lawns or on children's play surfaces. Pick up animal droppings.

15. Subletting

Enligt bostadsrättsföreningens stadgar.

16. Apartment maintenance

Enligt bostadsrättsföreningens stadgar.

17. Changes in the apartment

Minor changes may be made to the apartment, such as laying new floors, installing new cabinets and changing appliances in the kitchen. More comprehensive measures require the board's permission. Contact the board before you start. Also consider your neighbors when performing noise-causing work in the apartment. During the period from 22:00 to 7:00 in the morning, disturbing work must not occur.

Dessa trivselregler har beslutats av bostadsrättsföreningens styrelse 2013-05-14.