Parking lots & Garage

The association has a total of 44 garage spaces and 11 outdoor parking spaces. To rent a place, contact our financial manager, Frubo AB, who handles the agreements for garages and parking spaces.

Phone: 013-37 40 80

The term of the contract is until further notice with 3 months' notice. When selling a condominium, a 1-month notice period applies.

Q-park is responsible for checking the garage. If you do not use the attached permit, you will receive a fine. It is up to each tenant to check that the permit is valid and clearly visible.

Rental takes place per calendar month and compensation is paid as follows as of 2015:

  • The price for garage is 800 SEK each month.
  • The price for outdoorparking is 350 SEK each month

Remote control
All residents that wish to buy a remote kontroll for the garage can buy one for 500 SEK. The remote is by the brand Åkerströms with model SESAM 800 K3.

The remote control is a consumable product that cannot be returned upon termination of the garage space. If the remote control disappears, you must contact the Board at and enter parking space no. The board will then deactivate the remote control.

Please use the application form below if you wish to purchase a remote control, if you have any questions, please contact the board at

Print out or save the PDF files below:

1.     Ansökan om fjärrkontroll till parkeringsgarage - Brf Odde - ( Application for buying a remote control for the garage)
2.     Bruksanvisning fjärrkontroll (SESAM 800 K3) - (Instructions on how to use the remote control)

Print out or save the PDF files below: