To live in a housing cooperative

When you buy a condominium, you also become a member of a condominium association. Together you own the property and common areas. You can never lose your right of occupancy as long as the association exists and you fulfill your obligations.


I stadgarna framgår vilka rättigheter och skyldigheter du som bostadsrättshavare och föreningen har gentemot varandra. Vanligtvis ansvarar du för din lägenhet, medan föreningen ansvarar för övriga utrymmen, som t ex gårdar, trappuppgångar och andra gemensamma utrymmen. Föreningen ansvarar också för ledningar som förser fastigheten med värme, el, vatten, ventilation och avlopp.

The Board and Annual General Meeting

The board consists of members of the association and is not an external company. The work of the board takes place in addition to one's usual work and leisure time.
The board follows the principle of equal treatment..
Every year, the association holds an annual general meeting. By participating in the election of the board and submitting proposals and views via motions, you have the opportunity to influence your accommodation and the decisions to be made at the meeting.You can, for example, be involved in deciding what should be on the farm, such as swings and sandpits, or have your say about the laundry room, cleaning stairwells and planting trees and shrubs, etc.

Fees to the association

Every month you pay a monthly fee to the association. The fee shall cover the association's running costs.

You take responsibility for your apartment

As the owner of your condominium, you are responsible for damages that arise. You must keep the apartment in good condition and pay for maintenance and repairs of, for example, white goods, floors, walls, doors and ceilings. You can make many changes to the apartment, but no major changes may be made without permission from the board. These include interventions in load-bearing structures, alterations to trunk lines and installation of awnings. Check the statutes in the first instance and contact the board for safety before major interventions begin.